The Artists

The company has benefitted from, and continues to benefit from, input from a range of talented individuals:

  • Creators of the original play (from which the show is adapted ): Maxwell Hook and Jessica Pidsley
  • Creators of the original music, songs and lyrics (from which the music, songs and lyrics in the show are adapted ): the Hook brothers -Maxwell Hook and Jackson Hook
  • The Actors: Bryony Growdon (Spotlight view pin  8217-1205-5958) and Suzanne David (Spotlight page 6299-0191-1672)  who plays Lizzie/Mum and Paul Giles (Spotlight view pin 9813-5618-0400) and Rob Sladden (Spotlight view pin 1892-4507-0918) who play Ben
  • DR FREG: James Young (who ironically makes a very convincing wise old man)
  • The lead Script Editor and Director (who came up with the name of DR FREG!): Joanna Evans
  • The Nutritionists: Emily Fawell, DipION ( and Julia Wolman (
  • The Website, Logo and Graphic Designer: Sally Doherty (
  • The Photographers: Jeff Fenton, Michael Shilling ( and Krysia Whitty (
  • The illustrator: Dominik Klimowski
  • The cameraman: Henrik Weber (
  • The PR expert: Suzi Browne (Twitter @PR_Suze)
  • The promotional videos: (Our three core activities), (On the plot!) and Ealing Studios Film School (What we do.. with a little bit of fairy dust)
  • The international tour organiser/actor: Jagusia Fibakiewicz
  • Creative and Marketing Director: Suzanne Dennison

And my personal thanks go to:

The Corporate supporters and sponsors: Winning Moves UK , Whole Foods Market store in High Street Kensington, Eagle Solutions Consultancy, and Abel and Cole for taking a leap of faith. The Cooperative (South Ealing branch) for donating the perfect sized trolley for transporting and the show! Harrison Catering Services ( for agreeing to adapt their menu on the day we perform our show in any of the schools they cater for in London.

Contributors to the brainstorm that resulted in some brilliant ideas for the show, and the company: Lucy Thomas (, Anwen Hughes Roberts, Isabelle Defaut, Aurelie Harp, and Joanna Evans.

Ben Douglas (Aktiva camps) for practical advice on the less glamourous (but essential) stuff like CRB checks and Insurance policies.
The friends and family who edited, supported, invented, attended.. too numerous to list, but especially mum and dad, Dominic Gavin, Jessica Boyde, Akhil Patel, Nicola Blick, Carole Eychenne, Luis Melville and Angela Gavin.

And of course the biggest thanks goes to my two sons, Michael, and Thomas: my biggest critics and greatest fans. They were my inspiration to set up this enterprise in the first place, and making them proud of mum has been a top priority on this journey.

Your support has provided us with practical resources, but has also given me great conviction to persist on my mission.

Thank you.