Teaches children to LOVE eating a rainbow of fruit and vegetables.

Gardening Workshops

(new in 2015)

A small number of nurseries and schools who visit my allotment on Journeys of Discovery  have this year commissioned me to work with their outdoor spaces. This has ranged from running occasional planting sessions with small groups of pre schoolers during the growing season, to designing a brand new outdoor teaching environment/ garden..Our biggest project has been to help create a beautiful garden in Acton (Melrose nursery school), where we run weekly gardening workshops for ten children (usually two groups of 5 for 30mns each).

During the Summer term 2015, we were very busy! Below are a few pictures of what we got up to. Some of the activities included:

-Growing potatoes, herbs, strawberries, green beans, edible flowers, wild flowers, spinach, pumpkin, sunflowers and sweet peas

-Creating a bug hotel, pond, wigwam, weather station, sun catcher, superhero scarecrow!

-Decorating stepping stones, harvesting produce, making wildflower bookmarks, stroking slow worms, going on bug treasure hunts, finding wriggly worms and weeding the horseradish!

"I just LOVE LOVE LOVE what you do with the kids Tash, that garden is YOUR classroom forever now, you do realise that?!" Rose, owner of Melrose nursery school, Acton W3.

If you would like advice about how to make the most of your outside space, or would like to check our availability or enquire about prices for us to run gardening sessions, please contact us by email. Please be aware we have very limited availability to run these workshops so please book early to avoid disappointment. (We advise several months before you would like us to come in.)